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NextHome is a cutting edge, consumer focused national real estate company.  And we are here now in the Greater Madison market.


The national management team at NextHome has created a business that reflects both today’s homebuyers and homesellers – and the special needs of agents, like you, to serve that market, and be very successful financially.


For example, among several business changing features NextHome agents receive:

  • Corporate leads at a 0% referral fee – and we all know agents in this market who are paying up to a 37.5% referral fee to their broker!  That’s just crazy!
  • Essential tools that you may have now, but have to pay for – like DocuSign & Cloud CMA.  Both FREE to NextHome agents!
  • Commission plans that are likely lower than what you have now, and also likely more flexible than what you have now!


How do they do it?  Great question!  Give me just 15 minutes to show you how I can save you more than $24,000 a year in marketing and business expenses, and give you greater exposure than you’ve ever had!  I’ve already touched on a few huge ones above, but there’s more – much more!


So, let’s talk!  I’ll be happy to talk by phone, meet you at our office, or any location that makes you comfortable.  If I can’t prove to you how NextHome can make your business so much better in just 15 minutes, then the coffee is on me!


Randy LenzPlease contact me by submitting the quick form below.  I’m the only one that reads my email or answers my phone’s texts or calls.  Every conversation we have is confidential.  I look forward to spending those 15 minutes with you!

Randy Lenz, Broker/Owner
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